Virtual Reality


As a premium virtual reality service provider, we have an exceptionally talented team of artists, technicians, compositors, and stitchers capable of accomplishing complex projects with professionalism and brilliance. Integrating live action in a timely and affordable model, we have competence in handling monoscopic and stereoscopic VR content. Seamlessly stitching stereo or mono content from custom or commercial multi-camera rigs to craft an immersive environment. Correcting white balance differences and exposure to remove visual disparities Assembling and stitching color correction using the latest software including CARA Stabilizing shots during or after stitching to create a dynamic, comfortable, and high-quality VR experience Applying composting techniques including Paint, Roto, and Tracking directly on a footage.  

Our expertise lies in


With some of the most prestigious and respected supervisors of the industry, we merge creativity and technical innovation like no other. We are also currently engaged in developing a dashboard that provides real-time information about shot status.

  • Defined procedure and stable methodology for project approach
  • Sync, Stitch and Stabilize
  • Manual stitch experience for underwater projects
  • Complex stereo and mono paint
  • Complex atrifacts prep, camera rigs cleanup
  • Expreience VR roto team


Virtual Reality


Visual Effects