The media and the entertainment industry has been increasingly using virtual reality (VR) and visual effects (VFX) to offer a sensory experience to viewers. At SBL, we equip production houses and other firms to bring their digital creations alive.

The only company in India to have stereo VR capabilities, we have an experienced team capable of handling all aspects of VR and VFX. Our expertise extends to working with major Hollywood studios on multiple movies, documentaries, and commercials.

We are also the post-production partner of Jaunt, a VR company with roots in Silicon Valley. Our innovative approach to integrating Nuke CARA tool allowed us to transform VR content into stereo for a thrilling customer experience.

To bring our clients’ digital designs to life, we continuously invest in the best technologies available. We are also developing a digital asset management system which can be accessed by our clients 24×7. The system will capture critical studio metrics and will have an easy to use dashboard for work distribution, server, and file organization.

We strike a fine balance between aesthetic appeal and technical know-how. This enables us to impart an impressive angle to all projects handled by us.

Our multimedia services include