BIM Services


We offer end-to-end Building Information Modelling (BIM) services that give our clients complete control of their projects. Our expertise lies in developing highly precise and accurate structural architectural BIM models at par with international standards. As one of the leading ISO-accredited technology companies, we have a highly experienced GIS team capable of delivering 3D wire frames from data obtained through LiDAR and aerial photography surveys. Through a well-coordinated collaborative environment involving various stakeholders, our BIM services ensure better-decision making during the entire life-cycle of a project. This leads to efficient project delivery and savings to the current asset maintenance.
Our BIM services aid in:-
  • Efficient and useful sharing of data across multiple disciplines and platforms
  • Crafting live and editable databases, accessible to multiple parties
  • Designing data sets that allow seamless integration of other sets to allow bespoke queries
  • 3D City Modelling (LOD1, LOD2, LOD3, and LOD4)

Our BIM offerings include


Backed by our software division, our skilled team aids organizations integrate BIM models with other spatial data models.
Our professional scan to BIM services can easily convert laser survey data into sophisticated 3D BIM models. Using raw survey data and images, we can create accurate architectural models, reflecting the current state of a building. Our solutions aid firms to better conduct their surveys for various retrofit and renovation projects.
Through our high-end architectural BIM services, organizations can digitally visualize their design before construction. This gives them the flexibility to make required changes or improve design based on specific requirements, along with improving coordination, and reducing error and wastage. Our services help to identify any potential loopholes in design in the initial stage itself.
Following international codes and standards, we offer high-end MEP BIM services that enable organizations to come up with improved construction schemes. Our services help enterprises design and install MEP systems with strategic planning for the sustainability of a project. By deploying the safest path to construction processes, we help firms maximize their efficiency.
Through our integrated Facade BIM services, companies can improve the overall aesthetic and usability of a building. Equipped with the latest tools and software, our Facade BIM offerings offer high levels of customization and flexibility. With more accessible information, our solutions establish better working practices at all stages of the project life-cycle.