In today's age of visual effects, hardly any action or animation scene goes untouched by rotoscoping. Although tedious and very time consuming, rotoscoping allows you to create mattes that can be composited onto a variety of backgrounds – making the time spent worthwhile. The key to rotoscoping lies in using the optimal number of key frames – the lesser the better.

SBL offers rotoscoping that allows you to create seamless, naturally-moving video sequences without any chatter in the background. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art equipment to minimize boil and create perfect mattes.

Our rotoscoping expertise includes the following:

  • Development of silhouettes and mattes
  • 3D stereo roto Stereo rotoscoping for multi-layer roto
  • Combing / VFX rotoscoping for single layer roto
ISO - 9001
Six sigma
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