Application testing is an important phase in development of software solutions. Testing, however, is very time consuming and requires experienced persons with an eye for detail. SBL offer a comprehensive portfolio of testing services that take a proven approach to industrialized and structured software testing. Our testing services maximize return on IT investment and deliver tangible benefits in terms of cost saving, reduction in time to market, and significant risk mitigation.

With specific expertise in the banking, capital markets, financial services, insurance, and telecommunication domains, our testing services include the following:

Managed Service

We provide you the process, environment, Tools and Skills to address major testing challenges, taking ownership of your testing requirements in efficient and cost effective way.

Functional Testing

System Testing , User Acceptance Testing ,

Non Functional Testing

Security Testing , User Experience Testing, Compatibility Testing and Localization Testing.

Test Process Management And Optimization

Test Process Implementation and Reviews, Test Strategy Planning And Guidance.

Specialist Test Activities

  • Test Automation.
  • Mobile Application Testing and test automation.
  • Test Environment Set Up And Test Environment Management

SBL Advantage:

  • Reduce cost and time-to-market of applications
  • Significantly reduce technical and business risks associated with software
  • Cost effective access to a range of testing services under one roof
ISO - 9001
Six sigma
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