Technology makes our world smarter, faster, and better connected. Companies across the board are using technology to transform the way they work. While embedded systems are upping the intelligence quotient of our machines, mobile devices are breaking down the last of the impediments to seamless connectivity by allowing us to carry our worlds with us on-the-go. Companies are also increasingly opting for tailor-made custom applications that help them simplify their unique business processes.

Leveraging technology effectively, however, requires a clear understanding of the rapidly changing technological landscape and sharp focus on the evolving demands of consumers in terms of flexibility, user experience, scale, and speed.

SBL offers a range of technology services that allow you to leverage technology to improve productivity and also increase customer retention. Our technology services include the following:

Why SBL?


Our technology - agnostic approach puts your requirements ahead of everything else. Our customers trust us to make architecture and design decisions that suit their unique IT environment.


Continuous testing, review, and feedback are an ongoing phase in our development methodology; you will always find us responsive to your feedback.

Technological Expertise

Be it commercial or open source technologies; web or mobile platforms; hardware or software solution development – our team is equipped with the talent and technology to handle your every requirement.

Track Record

We have a track record of investing in people and technology to stay ahead of competition. This ensures that we are always equipped to deliver the best.

ISO - 9001
Six sigma
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