Interactive, touch-based, and accessible on-the-go – these define the future of all applications in this age of smartphones and tablets. zingGo, from SBL, offers an ideal platform to leverage these new age devices to provide an unparalleled interactive experience at multiple customer touchpoints. Encompassing zingGo Pad, zingoGo Kiosk, and zingGo software, the zingGO platform currently provides solutions for the hospitality, education, healthcare, and travel and tourism industries.

zingGo Hospitality

zingGo Hospitality is our concierge-on-a-tab created exclusively for the hospitality sector. This in-room tablet concierge ensures that your guests have an unforgettable experience at your property – welcome them with a video that gives a panoramic view of your property; allow them to make table reservations or flip through your e-menu card and place an order for in-room dining; and also get their feedback instantly using the touch-based interface.

zingGo La Travelogue

No land is faraway anymore; no place too remote. As we continue globe-trotting, we often find the need to access information about the locations we visit. zingGo La Travelogue replaces the common traveler's guide with an engaging tablet-based guide that includes travel trivia, digital library of articles about the location, stunning images of tourist hotspots, interactive maps with navigation tools, multimedia entertainment, and more.

zingGo Health

Doctors are constantly on the move and are often constrained by the need to refer to patient records stacked away in the hospital's storage. zingGo Health allows doctors and patients to interact in a paperless hospital environment. zingGo Health securely stores all patient records in electronic format and makes them available to doctors on-the-go. zingGo also supports automated prescription creation and collection of instant feedback from patients.

zingGo My Campus

zingGo My Campus allows schools and colleges to make learning fun for students, and along the way, simplify a range of administrative tasks for teachers and office personnel. zingGo My Campus allows you to deliver course content, manage assignments, and correspond with parents using an interactive tablet. zingGo My Campus also allows you to handle a range of tasks such as attendance, fees and daily time tables with great ease.

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