SBL Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System

SBL Telematic Solutions enable the users to manage and monitor their asset as per their needs and improve the business efficiency

Real Time GPS Based Vehicle Tracking

  • Live Vehicle Tracking with real time updates, providing the latest tracking information of your fleet
  • Google Maps based API providing accurate location details of vehicles
  • User-Friendly & effortless tracking system to locate the fleet

Alerts & Notifications

  • On the move alerts and notification on SMS & email
  • Alerts for Multiple Recipients
  • Options to schedule alerts as per needs


  • Assign Geofence to the vehicles
  • Mark & assign Geofences as per user convenience
  • Geo Lock - Alerts through Hooting


  • Analyze vehicle usage based on Date and Time
  • Log showing where the vehicle is located and east tracking of incidents
  • Date based - Vehicle wise / Fleet wise consolidated report
  • Consolidate report in all alerts generated by vehicle / Driver

Theft Protection

  • Immediate notification on Tampering the device or Vehicle
  • Remote Immobilization through SMS

Web Based Tracking Application

  • A complete web based online application supporting latest web and mobile technologies
  • Comprehensive tracking and monitoring feature with rich user experience
  • Role based information access and context based user interface for ease of operation
  • Platform independent application - both windows and Linux servers
  • Optimized for load and performance with thousands of concurrent connection access
  • Map Service, Email alert Service, SMS alert service.
  • Hosted on a secure 3 tier datacenter

Customized solutions

  • Employee Travel Management System
  • Taxi Dispatch System
  • Waste management system
  • Sand mining application
  • Banking transport system
  • Intelligent transport system
  • Student travel Management System for educational institutions
  • Securing ATMs through a four layer protection

Remote Vehicle Diagnostic System

A GPS-GSM-RFID based Tracking and Monitoring System with OBD-II (On board Vehicle Diagnostics standards 2) tracking data, other vehicle related parameters, and diagnostic information like Error codes, Real time speed, RPM, Fuel level, Real Time Odometer can be acquired through OBD-II interface and sent to server through GSM/GPRS for Processing.

ISO - 9001
Six sigma
D & B