The government is today one of the biggest consumers of information technology. Legislative Assemblies and Secretariats, the altars of statutory decision making, can benefit enormously from IT. There is an urgent need to move away from archaic paper-based workflows and adopt smarter, technology-driven means of working and collaborating.

SBL offers customized solution that is tailored to suit the requirements of this very unique domain.

Paperless Environment

As the seats of decision making, Legislative Assemblies and Secretariats generate huge amounts of data – data that is currently exchanged and stored in paper format. SBL offers web-based interface to automate legislative procedures and convert all data into digital format to enable quick search and retrieval of information. This goes a long way in improving efficiency and aiding quick decision making on the floor of the house.

End to End Tracking and Management

A solution capable of managing all the functions of a Legislative Assembly and its Secretariat including the activities of various committees, related departments, and Members of the Assembly. Maintaining all records in digital format in a centralized database ensures complete transparency and accountability of operations and also reduces duplication of records. The audio and video recording feature makes it very easy to record and archive the activities conducted on the floor of the house with minimal manual intervention.

Combining Security with Ease of Use

The solution is available on touch-screen devices like tablets and kiosks to ensure complete ease-of-use and low learning curve for legislators. The multi-lingual support give legislators the freedom to use the solution in a language of their choice.

Ease of use apart, eParliament places very high emphasis on integration to ensure seamless working with other government departments for physical and financial monitoring of schemes/programs approved by the Legislative Assembly.

ISO - 9001
Six sigma
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