If there is one thing that defines the digital age, it is speed. The world is generating content at a mind boggling speed today. Add to this the sheer variety of media – documents in print and digital content in text, audio, and video formats. How do you organize the vast amounts of information generated by your organization in various formats each day, month, and year? And, when it comes to retrieving data, how can you ensure that searching for the information does not seem like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack? DAMS, from SBL, offer just what you need. DAMS allow you to scan, digitize, archive, search, and conserve documents of various types and ages.

Scanning and Digitization

DAMS allows you to scan and digitize a wide range of media assets – documents, books, manuscripts and fragile papers, maps, aperture cards, microfilms, microfiche, and drawings – and store them in a centralized repository. This data can be securely stored on a cloud-based server that is accessible anytime and from anywhere over diverse devices such as computers, laptops, and mobile phones. SBL also offers all allied services such as data entry, data conversion, forms processing, image enhancement, and content management to ensure comprehensive digitization of data. The digitized information is optimized both for print and web.

Powerful Search and Retrieval

DAMS offers a highly intuitive web-based solution for the internet and intranets. Equipped with powerful archiving and tagging features, DAMS makes it very easy to search and access files. Equipped with features such as auto-complete and auto-suggest options, multi-lingual search, phonetic transliteration, and simultaneous search across different types of digital archives by category, DAMS offers one of the fastest and most intuitive search capabilities. With DAMS, it is also possible to link digital content back to the original document. DAMS also support management and maintenance of custom meta-data contents of various types of digital archives.

Secure Storage and Conservation

DAMS provide a centralized console for administration of digital archives and associated data.

While our quality checks at every step ensure the accuracy of digitized data, our rigorous authorization and authentication procedures ensure the security of the digitized information on the cloud. We also provide support to optimize the storage of your original documents for posterity, making DAMS the ideal solution for extending the life expectancy of your original documents.

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