Multi-dimensional models are the norm in today's world of business. Various industries look for geo-spatial data sets in 3D for a range of applications. The telecom industry requires 3D terrain and building models for placing communication towers. The mining industry requires 3D terrain models for their mine planning activities. The infrastructure industry uses 3D terrain models for various designs and cut and fill exercises. Environmental firms, too, require pollution dispersion models in 3D to monitor contamination and damage caused to the environment.

SBL addresses these diverse requirements with our high-quality 3D model creation services. Our expertise includes the development of 3D models of buildings, BIM, terrains, cities, vegetation, transport, to name a few.

How it Works?

  • DTM creation
  • Planimetric mapping
  • Height assignment
  • 3D model creation
  • Image wrapping with DTM
  • 3D video and presentation creation
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Six sigma
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