Our Geospatial Services division plays an important role in Oil & Gas exploration and risk mitigation. Typically we are engaged in a consultative process, offering specialist GIS analysis for geological exploration suitability, environmental risk including ground water pollution analysis through time series 3D modelling, on-shore asset and pipeline management and risk mitigation, and new build planning and construction.

Due to the specialist, bespoke nature of our analysis, no two projects are ever the same. However a recent study for an environmental firm in Ohio, US, provides a good idea of the type of techniques, objectives and outcomes involved:

Ground water samples were collected from 1998 to 2012 and analyzed for ethane content. This was in support of an environmental management exercise to demonstrate that ethane content can be contained within a 14 to 15 years. Initially all the well locations were plotted in a 2D environment and then converted to a 3D environment by implying well screen heights with respect to mean sea level and treated as ‘z’ element in the analysis. The spread of ethane horizontally and vertically was subsequently established using complex 3D model plotting of the ethane concentration in µgm/litre which was derived through analysis of the collected water samples. Next, the 3D contours of the ethane concentration were derived from the created 3D surface model. This analysis was iterated for the monthly data of ethane concentration for the period between 1998 and 2012. Finally, time series analysis of the ethane concentration was completed and it was found that as the duration increases the ethane concentration was reducing, and was fully contained by 2012.