The mobile app revolution has been a game-changer for smartphones and tablets. Today we use apps extensively for work as well as leisure. However, given the vastly different form factors of various devices, their diverse operating systems, and the highly competitive marketplace, application development for smartphones and tablets has taken on a whole new meaning.

SBL offers mobile application development services that allow you to leverage the latest trends in mobile technology to engage your audiences. Our custom mobile application development services combine leading-edge commercial and custom applications, middleware, and platforms to create apps that user-friendly, extremely interactive, almost addictive, and very secure. Our mobility application development services include the following:

  • Custom mobile application development; native and browser-based app development
  • Mobile application customization for various platforms
  • Customization of applications for tablets
  • Mobile testing across devices, carriers, and platforms

SBL Advantage:

  • Ability to create applications for the iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms
  • Strong creative team that adopts a user experience prototyping approach to conceptualize exceptional and responsive designs
  • Platform-agnostic approach to mobile app development
  • Distributed agile delivery methodology to significantly crunch development time
  • Use of various tools and accelerators to reduce time and cost of development
ISO - 9001
Six sigma
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