The mining industry must reduce cost of operations in an industry that traditionally has a long gestation period. At the same time, they must also consciously study the impact of their activities on the environment in order to remain profitable in the long run.

SBL offers a range of services and solutions to mining companies to reduce the time and resources spent in making the right decisions in the long run:

  • LiDAR data processing, UAV data processing, and satellite imagery interpretation for litho-structure studies
  • Photogrammetry for obtaining reliable terrain data
  • GIS data management to securely store and quickly retrieve data
  • Map production and digitization
  • DEM and hydrological modeling and environmental sensitivity analysis
  • Geological investigations for accurate mapping of lithological and geological structures
  • CAD conversion to convert GIS data into digital format.

Why SBL?

  • Experts with many years of experience in the geological domain
  • Competent technology to accurately conduct a range of lithological and environmental studies
  • Alliance with other enterprises providing allied solutions such as geophysical, geochemical, and field geological surveys.

Track Record

Geological mapping in Indonesia; UAV data processing for orthophoto development of mines in Congo; LULC classification for a leading mining company: read our case studies to know more about how SBL works with mining companies to increase accuracy of their mining activities.

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