LiDAR is popularly used to obtain rich and highly accurate information about terrains cost effectively. LiDAR's vegetation penetration properties allows you to precisely measure topography, vegetation height and cover, as well as complex canopy attributes. Also, LiDAR images are faster to process and easier to model into a range of thematic 3D maps. You can, for example, use LiDAR data to calculate the height of every tree, power line, or building in a thematic map.

SBL offers LiDAR data processing and modeling services are used for a range of applications:

  • Bare earth modeling
  • Railway Asset management
  • Road corridor mapping
  • Tunnel mapping
  • Electric wire and tower mapping
  • 3D Building modeling
  • Vegetation mapping

How it Works?

  • Detection and removal of noise and outlaying points
  • Generation of intensity images
  • Terrain extraction, bare earth modeling, and data filtering
  • Street 3D view extraction from mobile LiDAR clouds
  • Advanced detection and extraction of buildings and features
  • Generation of elevation profiles, DSM, DTM, TIN, contour, or slope models

SBL Advantage:

  • Latest tools and technology for accuracy and data integrity
  • Multi-disciplinary team
  • Cross-domain knowledge to provide thematic industry-specific analysis / modeling services
  • Quick turnaround time

ISO - 9001
Six sigma