Unlike other outsourcing companies, SBL's unique strength lies in our long and successful record of working with billions of historical documents. This has allowed us to build up large teams of highly-skilled operators for whom attention to detail is both paramount and second nature; these teams have also developed finely-honed recognition skills, whereby identifying trends in writing styles is relatively easy. Due to their sensitive nature, our projects require outstanding QA and QC procedures and standards. Our ISO accreditations confirm the same.

As a result, our Insurance support functions tend to focus heavily on documents and data management. This is an area of significant expertise for us, for which we are held in very high regard of.

There are 2 models specified, however, we see three. Project by project basis, contractual approach and creating a dedicated SBL team in both models. The primary benefits to clients are:

  • Internal cost savings.
  • Greatly improved turnaround times.
  • The added value of rigorous external QC procedures.

    Our functions include:
  • Signature fraud detection or signature analysis.
  • Claims management.
  • Underwriting services.
  • Document management.
  • Data transcription.
ISO - 9001
Six sigma
D & B