The government, both at the central and the local levels, have the unenviable work of managing public amenities, controlling usage and distribution of resources such as electricity, and making the everyday lives of people better by handling transportation, tourism, and defense.

  • SBL offers services and solutions that address the varied needs of various Government departments.
  • Parcel Mapping to demarcate and manage property under their jurisdiction
  • Map Digitization for a range of city / town planning activities
  • Route Network Analysis for traffic and transport management
  • Utility Mapping to manage distribution of resources such as electricity and water
  • LiDAR Data Analysis to study topography, vegetation, and land use / land cover
  • DAMS for comprehensive storage, retrieval, and management of digitized documents
  • e-Legislator for streamlining processes and archiving large volumes of statutory information
  • Custom application development and testing to automate a range of manual processes.

Why SBL?

  • Stringent security and compliance guidelines that ensure integrity of your data
  • Adaptable delivery model to suit the cost constraints that governments encounter when spending public funds
  • Cross-functional team that includes technology experts and industry veterans with proven domain expertise.

Track Record

Orthophoto development for sustainable town planning in Australia, Parcel mapping in Spain, Geospatial data creation for master planning around Gwalior, India, and Document archiving for the Kerala State Legislative: read our case studies to know more about how SBL is engaging with government and allied agencies around the world.

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Six sigma
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