With so much data available today, it is but natural that you expect more information from your maps and GIS applications. However, given that this rich data is typically obtained from various sources, you must first overcome the challenge of correctly referencing geographical and spatial data received from these disparate sources over different time periods and scales.

You need reliable georeferencing to put these different sets of data together and develop a common referencing system to determine the spatial location of various geographical features.

SBL offers the following georeferencing services:

  • Aggregation and linking of data sets collated from different sources over different time periods
  • Georeferencing using surveyed output such as DGPS
  • Vector and rastor georeferencing using ground control points (GCP) from maps and surveys
  • Co-registration and sub-pixel correlation for aerial and satellite images

How it Works?

  • Collect ground control points
  • Choose coordinate systems and projection parameters
  • Georectification to minimize residuals
  • Resample images into GIS file formats
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