Rapid industrialization and increasing population are taking a toll on our environment. As a first step to promoting conservation and sustainable living, forestry and environment agencies must conduct various comparative studies to assess the condition of the environment in terms of de-forestation, global warming, recurrent landslides, dwindling biological diversity, etc.

SBL works with several governmental and independent agencies working in the forestry and environment sector to evaluate the extent of damage caused to the environment in a bid to uncover ways to turn the clock back:

  • Feature extraction for forest land use land cover mapping and change detection studies
  • Thematic mapping and deforestation / afforestation and climate change monitoring
  • Vegetation mapping and classification through LiDAR
  • DEM / DTM modeling and 3D model creation for vegetation height measurement
  • Forest boundary digitization from administrative maps
  • Rural / urban town planning, development and management
  • Satellite imagery interpretation for environmental impact assessment

Why SBL?

  • Strong team with proven expertise in various GIS and remote sensing techniques
  • Cost effective services that suit tight budgets and stringent timelines
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and tools to deliver accurate results quickly.

Track Record

Land Usage and Land Cover (LULC) change detection studies in Kerala; LULC classification in Congo; Sustainability analysis in UK for installing solar panels: read our case studies to know more about how SBL is promoting environment conservation and sustainable living around the world.

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