Financing for UK Growth

SBL are delighted to be part of the ‘Financing for UK Growth’ programme. Aimed at supporting financing applications for around 50,000 UK SME’s, our primary role is to provide advice and services that help these SME’s to demonstrate to their banks that the growth funds will be used to best effect. Specifically we have been asked to focus on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Business Process Management (BPM) functions. However the best solution may require overlap with our IT & Software or Geospatial Services divisions. Where we are not able to provide best practice advice or services we will always declare this, and direct companies to one or more of our Partners who are best placed to do so.

Our BPM Outsourcing experience covers a wide range of sectors including but not limited to: banking and finance; insurance; retail; local government; legal; publishing & media; education; health; travel & hospitality; genealogy. However, many of the skills required for this type of work – planning, teamwork, meticulous attention to detail, mature and robust Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes – are transferrable to most industries.

We are a 3 times ISO Accredited organisation – for quality, security and staff development – as well as being Six Sigma certified; therefore companies seeking BPM Outsourcing advice will always receive an intelligent, comprehensive and fit for purpose service. If we are not able to deliver this service ourselves we will always seek the best possible alternative through one of our Partners. All solutions will be robust, effective, and joined up, based on the latest thought leadership principles within the sector, including new and forthcoming technologies and compliance requirements.

We have close links with a number of industry-leading organisations, including the UKTI. Recently we attended the Innovate UK 2015 event in London as the UKTI’s guest as testament to our commitment to R & D through mutual collaboration with innovative UK companies.