With assets spread over vast expanses across geographies, energy and utilities companies spend a sizeable amount of their resources monitoring and maintaining their infrastructure. New exploration activities are also expensive and time consuming.

SBL offers a range of services and solutions that give power, telecom, water and drainage, and oil & gas companies the ability to reduce their cost of operations and maintenance of assets:

  • Utility mapping for management of assets
  • UAV data processing for accurate feature extraction and 3D data modeling
  • Thematic map development and map digitization
  • LiDAR data processing for terrain analysis
  • Custom application development and testing to automate various business processes
  • CAD conversion to maintain GIS data in digital format

Why SBL?

  • Experienced team with deep domain knowledge
  • Best-in-class technology to conduct various geological and geospatial studies
  • Alliance with other enterprises providing allied solutions such as geophysical, geochemical, and field geological surveys.

Track Record

Geological mapping in Indonesia; UAV data processing for orthophoto development of mines in Congo; LULC classification for a leading mining company: read our case studies to know more about how SBL works with mining companies to increase accuracy of their mining activities.

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Six sigma
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