The study of how and where our ancestors lived is fascinating; but uncovering those hidden secrets of ancient lives is far from easy. Given the nature of funding they receive, archeologists must find the most probable sites for excavation. Again, given the fragile nature of the items they are likely to encounter, precision on excavation is key to learning from ancient ruins.

SBL offers a range of services that give archeologists the ability leverage technology to clearly identify and carefully excavate invaluable historical information from past ruins:

  • GIS services to map and study terrain information
  • LiDAR data processing and satellite imagery interpretation to accurately identify areas of interest
  • Geological interpretation to study lithological data

Why SBL?

  • Well-rounded team that includes subject matter experts, analysts, and technologists
  • Extensive suite of software to analyze various forms of geological and geospatial data
  • Quick and cost effective services to suit limited budgets

Track Record

Analysis of ancient settlements in South Africa using remote sensing techniques; Anthropological studies for a research project in France: read our case studies to know more about how SBL works with universities and archeological institutes to uncover hidden truths about our lost world.

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