Geospatial Services

Geospatial services is one of the fastest growing market in today's connected world. Once used primarily by the government, Geospatial data is today used by all of us almost every day :

 Land & Property professionals use Geospatial data in architectural drawings, land surveys, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Asset and Facilities Management, development planning, and strategic business decision-making.

 Infrastructure professionals use Geospatial data in detailed design work, 3D Surface and Wireframe models, Cross Sections and SC0 files, Rail, Road and Water infrastructure analysis, and attributed data models for BIM.

 Mining professionals use Geospatial data to reduce the cost of mineral discovery, to improve both the access to and maintenance of assets, and to help deliver on their Corporate Responsibility commitments.

 Utilities professionals use Geospatial data to manage pipeline and overhead infrastructure through the use of attributed 3D modelling from Lidar or Aerial Photography.

 Environmental organizations use Geospatial data to study asset or event parameters such as forest cover, weather, and seismic activities

 Government departments use Geospatial data for town planning, local services administration, demographic analysis, and a range of defence requirements.

SBL offers a comprehensive range of Geospatial services that address the varied needs of consumers, businesses, and government agencies.

Our Offering

GIS Services:

Services offered are Geo-referencing, Spatial data creation, Spatial modeling, Spatial Geodatabase creation, database structure and attribute creation, Raster to Vector and Vector to Raster conversion, network analysis, layout preparation and cartographic services.
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Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Services:

Service offers in this sector are Aerial Triangulation, bundle block adjustments, Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Digital Terrain Model (DTM), hydro-enforced DTM, Orthophoto generation, Pan Sharpening, mosaic creation, Color Balancing, tile generation, Contour generation, Slope generation, 2D and 3D feature extraction etc. Creation of 3D models is an expert service of this domain. Satellite Image analysis and interpretation is another expert service offered of this domain.
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UAV Data Processing Services:

Services offered in this sector are image acquisition and post processing of UAV images which include DEM, DSM, DTM, Orthophoto creation, interpretation of orthophotos for Landuse and Landcover studies and 3D feature extraction.
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LiDAR Services:

Service offers in this sector are automated pre-processing, Classification, Bare earth model creation, 3D building models, vegetation models, and intensity image creation.
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Why SBL?

Several leading companies rely on our expertise in Geospatial services. Our stringent data security policies and infrastructure further enhance their trust in us.

We quickly respond to your unique requirements with a customized bouquet of services.

Technical Expertise
Geospatial technology is our forte. We have proven expertise in working with a wide range of software tools and techniques.

Track Record
Our track record is impeccable. Our customers can vouch for that.